Short courses for Permanent Missions in Geneva
Organized by the Division on Technology and Logistics, Knowledge Development Branch
Policy Capacity Building Section / P166 Courses
Commodity Dependence and Development
Palais des Nations, Geneva (Room XXVI)
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 (10:00 to 13:00)

The course will offer an overview of issues that commodity-dependent developing countries are faced with and how continued dependence on commodities will negatively affect these countries’ efforts towards meeting the SDGs, particularly SDGs 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10. Issues to be presented will include negative terms of trade, price volatility, commodity resource management, and macroeconomic challenges associated with commodity economies.

The objective of this short course will be to sensitize member states on the importance of commodities for their economies and the need to find long-term solutions to the problems afflicting the commodity sector in these countries. Solutions such as the widespread use of hedging instruments, and different forms of economic and export diversification, will be discussed. 


Delivered by the Division on International Trade and Commodities

From 10 am to 1pm

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