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The Paragraph 166 programme addresses the challenges that developing and least developed countries face in an increasingly globalized economy through regional and short courses on key issues on the international economic agenda.

This flagship programme focuses on the links between trade, finance, investment, technology and development, and assesses the approaches required to potentially generate gains from trade and investment that would benefit development. 

The curriculum is based on UNCTAD competence in development and includes the expertise of the United Nations economic regional commissions and national experts from the programme’s host countries. The programme originates from the Bangkok Plan of Action, adopted during the tenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD X) in 2000. The mandate of the programme has been reaffirmed in the outcomes of every UNCTAD conference since then.

49th Regional Course is successfully concluded 

Our features


The pursuit of national and international development policies and strategies is placed within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals

Integrated Approach

Utilizing the UNCTAD integrated approach to discuss development challenges, examining the interdependence between different policy areas

Experience Sharing

Being a platform for participants and experts to share country-specific and regional experiences

Development opportunities

Helping participants recognize the opportunities for development emanating from globalization, and the national policy approaches that can help create an enabling environment for trade, investment, and growth

Resilience building

Outlining the optimal design/implementation of trade policy to unleash the full potential of trade, build resilience and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

Enhancing productive capacities

Analyzing the main features of enterprise development, FDI and STI, their development implications, and the policy and administrative challenges they raise

Inclusive economic growth

Deepening participants' understanding of the implications of trade and financial integration for inclusive economic growth, structural change, and technological upgrading

Frontier technologies

Featuring Technology and Innovation Report, published by Division on Technology and Logistics


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